Maximizing your Safety on the Internet

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Online safety simply means to be safe while using any device that connects you to the internet. In this ever-growing digital era, keeping yourself and loved one’s safe online is very pertinent. The internet opens up a wealth of opportunities for all and it has become a big part of how they develop, discover, and see the wider world. The use of the internet in a safe and responsible way is pertinent to everyone and most especially kids and teens as it can either have a positive or negative effect on your wellbeing. Choosing to stay safe online is now more than ever your ultimate responsibility and has now become part of the first hierarchy of life. The internet is the network of computers and servers; the backbone of the World Wide Web; connects the worlds we live; gives access to information and knowledge and belongs to everyone and no one.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to use the internet safely, respectfully, and responsibly.
  • To build your online resilient and reasoning skills.
  • To maximize the opportunities and benefits the internet offers.
  • Learn how to secure my devices and accounts
  • Learn ways to deal with harms and dangers caused by the internet

Topics for this course

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Securing Personal Information

Lesson one
Quiz 1

Strong passwords

Online Gaming

Digital Citizenship

Cyber threats, risks and safety measures to take

Cyber Age Restrictions

Do’s and Don’ts on the Internet

Safety Tips

Final thoughts

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