Closing the Digital Divide and Promoting Online Safety

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Who we are

Digital Inclusion and Safer Internet (DISI) seeks to promote universal access to ICTs for sustained individual and economic development; and for full participation in society in a way that preserves the safety and freedom of the internet.

Online Safety Curriculum

 With support from Google, we partnered with the Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), the agency responsible for curriculum development in Nigeria to develop and infuse online safety into the Nigeria National curricula. The four stages of development for the standalone curriculum, Teachers Guide and Infusion into carrier subjects were successfully completed. In November 2019, the Online Safety Curriculum was finally approved by the National Council on Education (NCE) during the 64th NCE meeting held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Be a young web Super Heroes and ambassador of the internet, so each year a call is put out for applications to interested ones who are required to come up with creative and innovative ideas which they would use to spread the safety message amongst their peers.

Meet our Webrangers

Being a webranger played an important part in helping me cultivate healthy online habits in my teenage years. As a young adult, I still carry those lessons with me and they inform the decisions I make with regards to information sharing, social media use, and protection of privacy.

Fatima Yunusa

2016/2017 Webranger Ambassador

The internet takes you around the world in a vicinity But doesn’t ensure your full-time safety Whenever surfing the net, always try to be circumspect


Yusuf Oyiza Bilikisu

2019-2020 Webranger

The Webranger program has, in many ways, opened me up to the realities of the world around us. It has shown me the vices that go on in the online domain and has as well taught me how to curb these vices in my own little way. I’ve been able to learn about diverse cultures and have a lot of fun along the way.

Daniel Imoroa

2018 Webranger Ambassador

Train the



“Train the trainer” is a concept designed to build the capacity and empower potential trainers on online safety to enable pass the knowledge and creativity to train others.


Internet Day


Safer Internet Day (SID) is a worldwide event that raises awareness about online safety and encourages everyone to help create a better internet. SID is an event celebrated on the second day, the second week, and the second month of every year. The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and It calls upon young internet users to join together in helping to create a better internet.

Digital Inclusion

Access to information has proven to be pertinent and equitable, as online communication is a viable mode of sharing vital information in society and especially in the 21st century and beyond. Our digital inclusion strategy seeks to bridge the digital literacy gap that currently exists among the underrepresented group and acknowledging that this can take various forms depending on our target audience, their demography, and needs per time. For this reason, our first targets would be the youth and the girl-child.


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